Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa

I Vigneti del Colle

Grapevine: Trebbiano, Catarratto, Inzolia
Origin: Vineyards falling in the municipalities of Santa Ninfa, Gibellina and Salemi
Average altitude media: It is 250 above sea level
Farming system: Espalier pruning with average
Yield for hectare: 15000 Kg.
Soil type: Medium texture, clave
Alcohol content: 12,00% vol
Processing: Grape harvest in early September, pressing and vinification at controller temperatures between 18 - 20 °C
Tasting notes: Young white wine, pale yellow with green reflections, with good structure and persistence with ethereal vinous fragrances, suitable for everyday occasions and for all tables


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