Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa


Olio Extra Vergine di oliva di Nocellara – Estratto a Freddo – Italiano.

This oil, obtained from the crushing to lowest temperature of the olives, is characterized for the unmistakable scent and the strong taste. It has a piquant and agreeable persistent taste and his color is golden with intense green notes. The olives are picked manually whan they have a good maturation and their milling is done within the 24 following hours. Their selection is rigorous.

Cultivar: Nocellara del Belice
Origin: Valle del Belice (Castelvetrano – Santa Ninfa)
Combinations: You can use this olive oli to raw on : salads, carpaccio of meat and fish , shellfished au gratin or with first plates, soup, game, fish or meats to the grill.

Acidity: 0,02 approximately


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