Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa Cantina Sociale Santa Ninfa

Viticoltori del Ninfese

Grapevine: 100% Syrah
Origin: Hills of the town of Santa Ninfa exposed to the western border of Salemi
Average altitude: It is 450 above sea level
Farming system: Espalier pruning with average short
Yield for hectare: 6000 kg
Soil type: Medium texture tends to loose with calcareous component
Alcohol content: 13,50% vol
Processing: A selection of vineyards more suitable for this type of product, control of maturity and collection 20/25 September 15-­20 days maceration. Fermentation in stainless steel fermentation hl 200 at a controlled temperature between 24 and 26 °C, prolonged aging of concrete for 12 months
Tasting notes: Red fine with important aromatic properties typical of the variety of sources associated with scents of wild berries and fruits on a moderately tannic and pleasantly


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